Update: Life and Skin Condition

Hello, guys! I apologize if I am missing after my latest post. As the title suggests, I am here to give a quick update for my life and skin condition. Unfortunately, because of these two, I won’t be able to blog and post often. (more detailed explanations below)

First of all, my activities in university becomes really hectic lately. Although right now I am on a three-weeks break, I am still struggling to finish a mid-term paper. I also need to catch up with my personal life, of course (aka friends and family) – so I don’t really have lots of free time.

Outside of classes’ assignments, I am also active in organization and committee works. I do love them – I feel like doing events are my calling –  but they can be too much to handle and stressful.

In short, I am quite busy juggling up few things in my life, so I’m afraid I can’t post here actively as I promised in my previous posts :<

Another factor is my skin condition. If you have read my haul post, you may know that my skin is breaking out now. Due to that, I decided to visit a dermatologist. He gave me prescribed medicines, cleanser, night cream, and sunscreen to consume and use. To make sure they work well and effectively, I completely stop my usual skincare routine now. I will also stop trying out new products until my condition becomes better.

But, no need to worry. I still have few ‘homework’ left for this blog. If you have already checked my ‘Wishlist’ page, I have tried some products and crossed them off my list, but I haven’t make the reviews for them, yet. I am planning to catch up with these products’ reviews and post them on my blog ASAP.

So yeah, once again I deeply apologize if I went missing for a period of time T_T I will try my best to update this blog. Although I cannot post, you can still leave comments to contact me. I will try to reply them ASAP 🙂 Thank you for reading this long-ass update and I hope that all of you will have a wonderful day ❤





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