Review: Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Water

I am finally back to writing on WordPress! After real life has been kicking my ass and dragging me to hell. *Okay, I am being too much. Just stop, Silvia.* Ehem, anyway, here is my first review in 2017. I am reviewing another cleansing water, and this time it is from Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Line – Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing Water.

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Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

One of Etude House’s best-selling product and used to be a hype to Korean beauty products enthusiasts. Many people still recommend this toner to people who are just introduced to Korean beauty products.

With two, big volumes available (250 ml and 500 ml) and decent price, I can see why people are tempted to buy this toner, other than the eye-catching ten effects printed obviously at the very front of the packaging.

Well, I have finished the bottle. And, what do I think about this toner? Just check the review below.

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Review: Secret Key Snail 97 Soothing Gel

There are sooo many soothing gels out there. But, the start of it all would be Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (which is also my favorite soothing gel). After the hype of Nature Republic’s,┬ávarious brands created their own soothing gels. Mostly they create the similar aloe vera soothing gel, but it’s not rare to see soothing gels with other key ingredients.

And now, I’m going to review a soothing gel with different key ingredient, snail mucin. This one comes from a korean brand, “Secret Key”. Does this product has a spot in my heart (or stash) like Nature Republic’s? Read my review below.

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Review: Peripera Tint Water No. 02 Pink Juice

Back then, I don’t really care with my makeup. I only use the lipsticks that I got from my mother, and most of them are nude or neutral, so it looks like I don’t wear any lip products. Oh boy, how I’ve changed. I think it all started when I join the lip tint hype.

This product is one of a product that is responsible for making me fall to the deep pit of lip products addict. You can read my review here.

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Review: Corine de Farme Purity Micellar Water

Micellar water is all the hype right now. The hype is all started by the famous Bioderma. I wanted to join the hype wagon and try Bioderma. I really wanted to. But, Bioderma is too expensive for me. And so, I searched for other micellar water that I can try and won’t make my wallet/bank account cry.

I stumbled upon the micellar water from Corine de Farme. If you compare the price, 250 ml of Bioderma can get you 500 ml of Corine de Farme (Holy!) So, I decided to buy this product and give it a shot. Does the cheaper price affect the quality of the product? Check my review.

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